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Hillside Clubhouse is a resource for people with mental health problems that makes social inclusion and participation in everyday life a reality. Getting a paid job, having a social life and going to college are the norm for many of our members.

In early 2011 we moved into our brand new state of the art architect designed building. The new building also features a shop, the Kiosk, which serves hot and cold drinks and snacks to the public and provides employment opportunities for our members.

Hillside Clubhouse was proud to have been highly commended by NHS England in their Excellence In Participation Awards for the innovative ways that members and staff work together to run the Clubhouse. Click here to see a short film about us.

Position Statement on Black Lives Matter

Our genuine diversity at Hillside Clubhouse plays a major part in our strength and success, but we are committed as an organisation to do more. We will challenge racism in all its forms wherever it occurs in our work and ensure that that diversity continues to be central to all that we do. Find out more here about diversity at Hillside Clubhouse and how we are supporting Black Lives Matter.

Who we are

Despite the fact that one in four of us will experience mental illness, so little is done to understand the causes and effects it can have on our lives. And for those that have to endure long-term mental illness, support, and most importantly, choices about the way they live their lives can be extremely limited. There are barriers which prevent mentally ill people from living full lives. They are excluded from opportunities. This brings with it low self esteem. Hillside works towards making social inclusion in mainstream activity a goal for our members rather than boring traditional day centres.

Clubhouse membersHillside Clubhouse brings hope, confidence, relationships and structure and it provides support to a wide range of people from a number of London boroughs. The Clubhouse is physically based in the London Borough of Islington. Hillside offers its members a daily experience that involves them entirely in the workings of the Clubhouse - from setting its goals and objectives, through to delivering the services to its members on a day to day basis. The emphasis is on participation and working in partnership with members and staff working side by side with each other as equals not as powerless patients and carers. Members have a say in how the clubhouse is run. This enhances their self esteem, and prepares them for work. Being part of a team and achieving results throughout the day is what makes Hillside unique. For some the routine of the day and working with others might be their initial goal. For others or as time progresses Hillside is a stepping stone to full time or part time employment or other forms of social inclusion like going to college or university. Hillside provides work experience. This is invaluable for when members apply for jobs.

Active participation is the key. Involvement in every aspect of the running and the development of Hillside means that members have real choices and a genuine say in the day to day and long term issues that face the Clubhouse. Hillside provides the following:

Mental illness will always be part of our lives. Hillside Clubhouse is helping those that have to endure long term mental illness to have a positive choice filled life.

What is a Clubhouse?

A clubhouse is a rehabilitation project for adults with experience of mental health problems. Membership is voluntary and lifelong; members can come and go as they like. Clubhouses make the concept of social inclusion a reality for their members. The Clubhouse has a physical base and enables its members to participate in mainstream employment, education, social and leisure facilities in the community at large through building members' confidence, valuing relationships, preparation for work and ongoing support. Clubhouse is an internationally recognised model and there are over 450 clubhouses worldwide supported by Clubhouse International and operating according to international clubhouse standards.

Staff members and members work together in all aspects of the running of the clubhouse, sharing duties and responsibilities in a partnership of equals. Members are encouraged to take part in all the work that the clubhouse generates, and are fully included in all the decision-making processes.

Clubhouses nurture a strong sense of identity and community, with everyone pulling together. Any contribution that a member can make is genuinely needed and appreciated - staff are not sufficient in numbers to run the centre on their own, and need to seek members' cooperation. This spirit of collaboration leads to equal, respectful relationships being formed.

DarrenAll clubhouse work is real, meaningful work, necessary to keep the place functioning. Work plays a central part in the clubhouse philosophy, as a aid to social integration and in building self-esteem. The idea is a simple one - that people's self-worth increases when they feel able to make a useful and valued contribution to their community.

The ultimate aim of any clubhouse is to build the self-confidence and skills of its members, with a view to preparing them for the world of paid employment. There are three main facilities for achieving this:

The first clubhouse was set up in 1947 in New York, and still exists today. It is called Fountain House, and now hosts Clubhouse International. This organisation runs an accreditation programme, which is responsible for evaluating clubhouses around the world, and assisting them in following the clubhouse model of psychiatric rehabilitation.

Hillside Clubhouse is grateful to our major funders:

Islington Council

Henry Smith Charity  

Supported by City of London Corporation’s charitable funder, City Bridge Trust City of London logo

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