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Race And Inequality Our Policy, Our Goals And Our Actions

What is our position?

We absolutely condemn and challenge racism in all its forms. It is not enough to simply say Black Lives Matter but it is important that we take action to do what we can to put right the historical, institutional, social and personal atrocities and injustices faced by Black people now and in the past.

Our genuine diversity at Hillside Clubhouse plays a major part in our strength and success but we are committed as an organisation to do more. We will challenge racism in all its forms wherever it occurs in our work and ensure that diversity continues to be central to all that we do.

What are we doing right now to back up words with actions?

We are conducting an internal review which is considering the following questions:

Staff, members and clients are being asked to input into the review which is currently underway.

What are we going to do next?

The review is ongoing but already there are a number of actions that we are starting on. This action plan will develop and grow further as the review progresses. Actions we are taking so far include:

These initial actions are only a start.

Staff, member and client perspectives

We are asking our Black members and staff to give some personal testimonials about their experience of Hillside’s approach to inclusion and will be sharing these perspectives soon on the website.

How are we doing?

Our central point is that we can never do enough to ensure that injustices are put right.

Central to this is for us to learn what we, as an organisation and as individuals, can do to make things better. We don’t hold all the answers or solutions or claim to do so but we want to be part of those solutions.

Our makeup

We understand that statistics do not always tell the full story and can be used in different ways to make organisations look better. We also acknowledge that Black Lives Matter and Diversity must be seen in separate contexts.

However, our makeup is important and it is something that we are proud of. We believe it gives us some strong foundations to build upon and is what makes our organisation the vibrant and successful one it is.

Working in Partnership to Build a Better Future