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Transitional Employment

transitional employment

The Transitional Employment (TE) Programme offers members an intermediate step between working in the clubhouse and doing unsupported paid work elsewhere.

The clubhouse obtains part-time, entry-level jobs - requiring no previous experience or skills. The employer trains a Placement Manager, usually a clubhouse staff worker, who then trains a member to take on the job for a limited period of three to nine months, after which another member takes over.

TE jobs are paid at or above the national minimum wage. Members receive ongoing support from the Placement Manager and the rest of the clubhouse, so they can gain experience in working in a real workplace, without the fear of failure.

If the placement does not work out, then nothing is lost - for the member it is a learning experience, part of the ongoing process of adjusting to what an employer will require of them - they will have further TE opportunities. For the employer, the clubhouse will provide another trained member to take over the job.

Transitional Employment is a good way for firms to put something back into the community, but it's also a good deal for the employer:

Sharon and Oke at Baker Botts

So, whether you're a potential employer or potential member, contact us to find out more.

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