Dear All


The Clubhouse is now closed in order to protect the safety of members and staff due to the worsening pandemic situation and increased risks.

Remember however that we remain open for business on the telephone and online with lots going on! You can still get support and take part in Clubhouse activities!

You can either call the Clubhouse on the main switchboard number 020 7700 6408 during our normal hours or you can call staff directly as below:

Paul – 07399 817682
Ray – 07399 817684
Janet – 07399 817687
Ruth – 07399 817688

Staff are all still working across all of our services and email addresses are also working as normal too. Our website at has a special notice at the top of the page and will be updated regularly so please keep an eye on this if you have access to the internet. Alternately call 020 7700 6408 during our normal hours.

Please call or email any of the team to find out what is going on, take part in activities, get support or just have a chat. We will continue our virtual group call meetings at 11.30 and 2 pm each day. Call the team for dial in details!

We have developed online resources and now have an online bulletin board on the website – again staff can give you the details as to how to register and login for this too.

We continue to work hard to maximise the supports we can provide remotely and virtually and at the Clubhouse and please don’t be afraid to let us know of any needs you might have or supports you would like. Please also let us have any ideas of anything you might like us to develop.

Our Camden Work and Wellbeing and Mental Health Working Islington services will also operate mainly remotely and by telephone.